The WES team

Native English speakers with corporate and teaching experience, the perfect option for your employees

Industry-leading quality standards

Trainer requirements

  • Native English speaker
  • 120+ hour TEFL/TESOL/DELTA certificate or equivalent
  • 1000+ hours of online teaching
  • Corporate work experience
  • Experience teaching adult learners
  • Experience teaching both individuals and groups
  • Police clearance
  • Experience teaching Cambridge exam prep (preferred)

About WES

English with WES

Needless to say, you’re at your best learning a language when you’re relaxed, away from the stress that comes with the day’s negotiations, meetings, and contracts. That’s why we focus on creating a professional space where it’s easy to study and improve.

Our teachers come from all around the world, some with the Queen’s English, others with that American accent we all know and love. And all of them come from a corporate background. That means lessons aren’t so much going over textbooks and studying grammar; the focus is on developing the skills you need for business as quickly as possible.

Our teacher selection process

Here at WES, we invest extensive amounts of time and energy in our search for top-shelf teachers. To work for us, you have to be a native English speaker, you need teaching experience, and you’re required to have a corporate background.

Candidates go through a three-step process that includes a pre-interview with our teacher coordinator, a full interview that also includes our director, and a demo lesson complete with volunteer students. We pay careful attention not only to how good candidates look on paper, with their corporate background and years of experience, but also to their ability to run a classroom, engage students, explain practical concepts simply and easily, and keep the lesson fun.

A rigorous recruitment process

  1. CV collection
  2. Interview
  3. Demo lesson
  4. Contract

Resumes don’t tell the whole story, which is why we developed a four-step process that gives us a complete picture of each teacher.

Statistics always offer a good idea of how the process is working, and here’s what our numbers look like.

100%All CVs
10%Demo lesson
5%Take to work

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