There was a company that recently switched over to WES. At a meeting, they asked us what they get out of their employees knowing more words and grammatical constructions. The difference at WES, we told them, is that our students learn how to cope with their business needs in English.

You’re thinking about spending money educating your employees, and this is the best way for you to get concrete results. We even offer a meeting with our director and two free lessons to make sure you’re 100% convinced we’re the best option for you.

There are two direct benefits you get working with us as opposed to that teacher you’re talking about. First, your employees work with your international partners and clients over the phone and internet, so this is a great way for them to build their comfort level in that context. Second, because we have access to far more experienced and specialized teachers than your local language school, we can offer variety that’s more than just one or two teachers deep.

The companies we work with pay using a corporate card via our web portal. You pay only for lessons that have been held in the previous month or week. You even get to decide how often you want to pay.

We offer a specialized evaluation service, and we highly recommend that you have all your students go through it once. That way, you get an idea of their level across our five parameters: listening, speaking, grammar, writing, and pronunciation. But that’s not all; after every fourth week of lessons, the teachers your employees are working with update that evaluation form. The very first thing you see when you log into the site is how your students are progressing. We’re proud of their progress, and they are too!

We’re just getting started developing our school in Russia and Belarus, so it’ll be a little while before our clients are ready to share their experience. In place of that, we offer all interested companies full access to the site for two weeks, including two lessons with any of our teachers (none of those “lessons” you get with an administrator who can’t really teach you anything). That will give you all the information you need to make a decision.

Jared Firth, our founder and director, also works closely with partners to make sure whatever decision they make is informed by a complete understanding of who we are and how we work. We’re good, and we’re only too happy to show you.

We believe in a multifaceted approach to language learning that is built on the needs and interests of the student. Everything our teachers do is geared toward business, making sure that we squeeze as much value for your company as we can into the lessons you pay for.

As part of that approach, we put our teachers through a rigorous interview process that includes an initial evaluation, an interview with our director and teacher coordinator, a demo lesson with a volunteer student provided by one of our existing partners, and feedback at every step of the process. They’re all experienced specialists who have worked in the corporate world as well.

Once our teachers are on board, we give them autonomy to work the way they think is best, while also offering a strong support structure that ensures great value for your employees.

And then there’s you: your satisfaction is our guiding light, and our team and teachers do everything in their power to achieve the goals you set for us.