• Course objectives:

    Give students the tools they need to cultivate a winning environment, overcome team-building challenges, and meet their KPIs in English.

  • Target audience:

    Lower- and mid-level managers (contact us for an individualized course for upper management)

  • Lead teacher qualifications:

    Martin is a veteran of corporate management, having worked in managerial roles from 1996 to 2014 before going into consulting and then high-level business English teaching. His experience, which spans two continents, gives him a wealth of wisdom to share with students.

14module sessions
27people completed this course

Course teachers:

Karyn McCrimmon


Martin Bennett



  • Communication
  • Building relationships
  • Motivation and job satisfaction
  • Management styles
  • Team building
  • Customer service
  • Crisis management
  • Also featuring:
  • Case studies
  • Role-playing
  • Final evaluation

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